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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more reliable and cost effective, a glass trophy or acrylic?
If we compare both in terms of reliability, glass one wins in this case as it will not get dull with the time. It will still have its shine and will stand out separately. On the other hand acrylic trophy is more cost effective as it is very light and don't take much time to make as compared to glass one. Overall it totally depends on you which custom awards you want.
What are the minimum quantities for trophies or medals?
For both the minimum no. is 1 and for trophy maximum can go upto 100 and for medals it can go upto 500.
What else can be given as an award to an employee?
Apart from custom awards, trophies and medals we can always choose some customized items like
personalized mugs
, customized t-shits etc.
Which is more in trend, a medal or a trophy?
According to our analysis both are at same place. Each and everyone orders it according to the requirements
What is the shelf age for frameless certificates?
Frameless certificates are in trend these days. It looks more classy as compared to any other
custom certificate
are in trend these days. It looks more classy as comapred to any other custom certificate.