Rossotte Broad  - Bronze

Rossotte Broad - Bronze

Unveil their star moment with a bronze star-shaped vintage trophy, a timeless keepsake.
-Size: 9 inches (Height)
  • Top Material - Metal | Base Material - Wood
  • Print Type: Message printing on foil sticker
  • Order from just 1 unit

Awards serves as serves as a constant reminder of the recipient's accomplishment and the organization's recognition.

Impress your awardees with the Rossotte Broad Trophy, a symbol of achievement crafted from high-quality metal and wood. This distinguished 9-inch trophy boasts a sleek bronze color that will stand out in any display cabinet. Perfectly suited for academic awards, employee recognition programs, sporting events, and leadership achievements, personalize it with custom sticker printing of your company logo, awardee name, and award details for a lasting memento. Offering a unique combination of elegance and affordability, the Rossotte Broad Trophy elevates your recognition program and celebrates excellence in style.