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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of a notebook?
A Book or a stack of paper pages that are often ruled and used for purposes such as recording notes or memoranda, other writing, drawing, or gifting your loved ones.
What type of pages do you offer?
Printo offer’s wide range of customization whether it be t-shirts or
customized mugs
or notebooks, we have options for our valuable customers. We can print an unruled white sheet, daily planner, diary-type, normal ruled one, gridded paper, or even a dotted sheet anything of your choice.
What is the difference between a hardcover and a soft cover?
The paperback that is a softcover book usually has a cover made from paperboard or a very thick stock, and the pages are attached to the binding with glue or staple. Hardcover also called casebound or hardbound books have covers that are sturdier, usually made from thick cardboard wrapped in cloth or plastic or leather.
Will I be able to add my picture?
Yes, of course, you can add your company images, logo, or other designs or if you are going to order for your own use you can simply paste your favourite picture from your gallery or social media and get them in hand at the earliest.
can I use this customized notebook in a firm?
Absolutely a big yes, using a customized notebook in your business brings that professionalism to your firm and it is another way of promoting your brand identity among many. It is also a promotional tool when it’s gifted to your customers.
What is a wire- o notebook?
Wire-o is nothing but a spiral binding book where papers are trimmed and punched in the corner of the page where wire loops are inserted through each of the holes that have been punched through the edge of the printed book's cover and pages which allow the pages of your book to line up precisely.
What is the difference between a matte and glossy finish?
The main difference between a glossy and matte finish is that glossy photos have a shiny finish, and matte photos are muted. An extra layer of gloss is added to the photo paper to reflect light, creating a shiny finish. A matte finish offers a more neutral and natural look.
What about quantity?
You are allowed to choose a quantity between 1- 10000 for instant ordering. For higher quantities, you will be allowed to request quotations from the Sales Team. You can order a bulk quantity of any product. From bulk sticker printing to,
bulk booklet printing
we will deliver any quantity in no time.
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