Custom Printed Colour Booklets

Customized best booklet printing service online in India, Online booklet printing is made simple with the effective design interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages can the custom booklets hold?
The custom booklets can hold as much as 64 pages (when folded)
What is the quality of paper in the custom booklets? Can I customize it?
We have a basic 170 gsm paper of custom booklets and two other options as per your choice. You can customize the quality if you want.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Production times vary depending on whether or not we have all the artwork in house. However, we will usually take 2 to 7 working days in delivering your order.
What are the sizes available in the booklet printing service?
Our booklet printing offers 5 types of different sizes that you can choose from. Hover over our collection of custom notebook,
billbook printing
, custom flyers and more.
Can I print on both sides of the booklets?
Of course, you can! There is multicolor printing on both sides of the personalized booklets. Take a look at our, personalized brochures,
custom danglers
and more for your business promotion.
Can I ship to any institutional address like a school, hospital or a college?
Of course you can! Just give us your address & we'll get it delivered within the normal course of business
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