Custom Button Badges

Steal Badges go a long way when it comes to spreading your brand visibility and reach.
  • Printo’s scratch and rust-free button badges come in handy in 2 different sizes
  • The 40mm and 60mm badge is a perfect promotional product for any corporate firm.
  • A glossy finish makes your badge stand out and gives them a high-quality look that is sure to impress your customers.

Technical Specifications

Custom badges are something worn to showcase your personality likes or taste. And what better way to showcase it than a custom badge. Is it not an added advantage when your most admirable and professional badges go for a longer period of time without any rust. Printo is known to create a product which can last longer comparatively that's why when make best rust-free products for our customers to build their trust professionally and individually.
Glossy finish is a reflective and a shiny surface that has a satin finish to it. And reflects the content uniformly. Professional people tend to choose glossy finishes to pop out their logo or content or pictures. Glossy finish showcases deeper darks, brighter whites, and richer and vibrant colours than the matte counterparts.
Wear your flair, everywhere! Custom badges are made of durable metal reinforced plastic and have rounded corners for a finished look. to be very simple it is simply made up of a round shaped metal outside which is the master area where your image or business content or logo is going to appear and to secure it in a better way it has been given a safety pin attached downside to get pinned wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can button badges be used as a promotional tool?
Button badges are one of the most cost-effective promotional items available today, making them a perfect giveaway tool. If your marketing team is innovative enough, the company will benefit significantly when custom badges are used to promote it. If you have a limited marketing budget for your campaign, choosing button badges rather than other promotional tools can be an excellent choice, especially if you're in need of a large quantity of items.
Can I get in matte finish?
Do you think matte goes well in badges absolutely a big no to it, compact and yet a reachable promotional tool should be very attractive for the customers to get impressed at first choosing a glossy finish is going to be an added advantage to your firm for a marketing event
Will I be able to add my picture?
Yes, of course you can add your company images, logo or other designs or if you are going to order for your own use you can simply paste your favourite picture from your gallery or social media and get them in hand at the earliest.
Will I get an extra pin?
Why do you need an extra pin when printo is well known in producing every single product let it be small or big in an accurate and in best quality and sturdy manner to build trust and rapport between customers and printo team.
Which size is best for commercial activity?
The best part purchasing in printo is, you have different sizes to choose according to your need. Here comes 40mm which is perfect for your logo or marketing text to fit in. and 60mm which is an excellent choice for promotional activity which includes images and pictures according to your preference for the various events.
What is the badge made up of?
Badges is a cost-effective method as u already know, it's simply made up of a steel front side where your customization is going to fit in and covered up by a plastic with a safety pin to it to get pinned where you want.
What about quantity?
You are allowed to Choose a quantity between 10 - 10000 for instant ordering. For higher quantities, you will be allowed to request quotations from the Sales Team. and you will get your quotation for the specific quantity within a few minutes.