5 Easy Steps To Design & Print A Business Card Online

Print Business Cards Online

The Science Behind Creating A Perfect First Impression With Business Cards

Show what your brand represents through your business card. Even though we have moved on to a digitally accessible world, an old fashioned Business Card is as important as ever. But it doesn’t hurt to notch it up! Build your ideal first impression in just 5 steps with Printo’s Custom Visiting/Business Card Designs and ready to go templates!

Steps To Achieve Your Perfect Business Card Design

At Printo we offer a wide range of Business Card Designs, whether you are an entrepreneur or the CEO of a startup or merely looking to enliven and update your present card, you can find a stretch of assortment fitting your every need. Design and Print Custom Visiting Cards for advocates, small businesses, companies, professionals, and much more online.


You can never go wrong with a traditional rectangle-shaped visiting card, slap it with your company logo and basic information on a simple textured visiting card and you are good to go!

But if you’re looking to gear up your visiting cards that reflect your business, may it be a bone-shaped visiting card for your pet store/clinic or a simple round-shaped card for your cafe, Printo offers a range of different shapes to choose from or even create your own custom-shaped visiting cards.


The primary requirements printed on a visiting card might vary from person to company. The trick is to keep it simple, crisp, and clear enough to showcase the key information, at the same time endorsing your brand and its logo.

Below is the list of options to include on your visiting card:

  • Name of the Company
  • Company Logo
  • Name and Contact Information of the Primary Contact & Company’s Official Contact
  • Address
  • Company Website URL
  • Company Slogan (if any)


Standard Business Cards

Standard Cards

If you are looking for a simple and affordable design for a standard yet classy look, this design would be the right fit for you! Print Business Cards at a standard measure of 3.5×2 inches, available in a glossy and matte finish.

Textured Business Card

Textured Cards

Add in a little texture to the standard look! You can find 10 different varieties of texture to enhance your visiting cards. Find the one that fits your style the best and Print your Business Card online!

Metalic Business Cards

Metallic Cards

Everything turns brighter with a hint of shimmer. Make your visiting cards stand out with these affordable metallic cards.

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

Eco-Friendly Cards

An eco-friendly card is made of renewable raw material paper, wood and environment-friendly plastic or recycled paper. Let the Go-Green initiative reflect in your business decisions, influencing those around you!

Transparent Visiting Cards

Translucent Cards

Upgrade yourself with today’s latest styles! This lightweight translucent visiting card is not only waterproof but highly durable, all the while presenting an elegant and professional look.

Print Business Cards Online

Spot UV Cards

Use the spot UV technique to highlight the Name and Logo of your company. The sheen layer stands as a contrast to the rest of the cardstock giving it a unique edge.

Sandwich Business Cards

Sandwich Cards

Looking for a sturdy material with a pop of colour in it? Look no more! This stylish stack of Visiting cards made of Lykam Paper is not just durable but extremely lightweight, fitting right in your pocket and wallet.

Non-Tearable Business Cards

Non-Tearable Cards

These non-tearable cards help make sure your card is as firm as your first handshake with your customer/client. Make a lasting first impression with non-tearable business cards.

4. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEMPLATE – Business card design templates.

If you want to save the hassle of picking each of the attributes individually, check out Printo’s ready-to-go templates for creative business card design ideas. With our design template as an outline, you can go ahead and create your own custom visiting card.


You can always sketch up a design of your own, whether you want an outline of your company logo as the shape of your business card or the product you sell, upload the design on our Create Your Card portal and print your custom visiting card online.

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