Personalized Diaries, Planners & Calendars 2022

Dear Diary, Let’s Start Planning!

There was once a time when December would come bearing Diaries, Planners, and Calendars in the form of your year-end gifts! Every office provided its employees with Personalized Diaries and Calendars in their year-end hampers.

Whether you are one to take up a new year’s resolution or not, but for that one month, everyone is swearing to keep up with theirs and jotting down their respective progress in their diaries and calendars.

But now, the technology seems to have sucked all the fun out of it. All we are left now are with a bunch of icons on the screen.

However, when the pandemic struck, locking everyone in, stuck solely to the digital world, people started to miss their roots. Itching to get their hands-on experience and break out from the shackles of the e-world.

Printo is taking you a step closer. With our advanced printing technology, you can now order your own set of Personalized Diaries and Customized Calendars.

Check out the below set of designs, personalized to your liking!

Start your year in the real world with a hint of a personal touch.

Personalized Diaries

You can find a wide range of personalised diaries. From wired to executive, soft copy to hard copy, and corporate to personal. Design them all to fit your personality or Gift A Personalized Diary to your loved ones to help them start the new year on the right foot.

Here’s a tip, this new year try a new tactic. Begin the year with a bunch of small goals instead of one big new year resolution. Keep a track of them and tick them off as you go! This tactic not only helps you reduce procrastination but increases your productivity!

Choose a journal and record your journey to success.

Executive Diaries
Executive Diaries
Wire-O Diaries
Wire-O Diaries

Personalized Planners

Planners are one such essential that everyone needs but no one deems important! Whether you have deadlines at your office or for your own personal work, planning always stands of vital importance. As they say, an hour of planning saves you ten hours of doing.

Printo offers a range of daily planners to personalized planners to make your life easier.

Gift a planner, and encourage your dear ones to a disciplined, well-planned life. Encourage them by personalizing the planner according to their likes and get them grooving this new year.

Mini Black Organizer
Mini Black Organizer
Dark Trifold Organizer
Dark Trifold Organizer

Personalized Calendars 2022

Have you ever wondered why we often tend to miss our deadlines even after slogging day and night?

Procrastinating? Yes, to an extent.

But it is also because we fail to prioritise our tasks at hand! Determining the priority of a task based on its factors helps you manage it better!

Keep a track of your upcoming deadlines, meetings and stay up to date on your task list with some of our Custom Calendars! From Photo Calendars to Daily Calendars, find an extensive range here at Printo. Improve your productivity and achieve your milestones with us!

Choose from some of our best designs or create your own masterpiece!

Photo Calendars
Wall Calendars
Table Top Calendars
Desktop Calendars
Frame Calendars
Frame Calendars
Mini Stand Calendars
Mini Stand Calendars

This is only a basic guideline to introduce you to our Personalized Diaries, Planners & Calendars! Find more of these beautiful designs at! Make your new year more responsible and well organized! Because you can never be too prepared. New Year, New You!

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