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Customized lanyards and ID cards give a great identity and feel towards the brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print on the back of the ID card as well?
Yes, you can choose to print on either the front side, back side or even both the sides of the customized ID Card.
What is the printing type of the ID cards?
You can get the ID card printing in glossy or matte finish as per your choice. Apart from this, you can also get business cards,
customized lanyards,
visiting cards & more in such prints.
What will you not print as ID cards?
Any official document holding Government of India's sanctity like the Aadhar Card, RC, Driving License or others will not be printed by us. However, if you want to get
brochure printing,
booklet printing or custom lanyards printed, we can get it done for you.
What are the dimensions of the ID card?
We provide 85mm X 55 mm of dimensions to the personalized ID cards.
Do you ship overseas?
Yes we do ship overseas but some additional charge accompanies the cost of your order.
How long will it take to be receive my order?
On an average it can take 2-7 business days in standard shipping of customized ID Card. If you choose our express delivery option, you can receive it within 4 hours or within the same day of ordering.
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