Custom Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the best promotional tools for any brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy bookmarks online?
You can buy many types of bookmarks here. Get customised designs
for bookmarks, photo bookmarks, bookmark stickers, vintage bookmarks, eco
friendly bookmarks and more.
Using bookmarks to promote your business.
Bookmarks are a creative way to connect with customers because
they will see your logo and contact information every day. Custom bookmarks can
be used as an effective marketing strategy to promote your brand and business.
Bookmarks are compact and can be easily distributed to a wider audience.
Printing your personalised bookmarks is an affordable way to promote your
Why use bookmarks?
Bookmarks are the perfect way to complement a great book.
They make for great gifts and bring a smile to the reader’s face. Apart from personal use,
customised bookmarks can be used to promote your brand and business. Custom
designed bookmarks can act as a great advertisement for you and your
How long will it take to deliver my bookmarks?
Depending on the type, size and number of bookmarks required by you, we can deliver between 2 hours - 14 hours.
Can I get personalised designs for bookmarks?
Yes. You can choose your designs for bookmarks and we will print
them for you.
Types and dimensions of bookmarks.
We have Standard Material Bookmarks (300 GSM), Non-Tearable Bookmarks (200 Microns), Kraft
bookmarks (240 GSM) and Matt Laminated Bookmarks (300 GSM Lykam).
We have three sizes available: 2x6 Inches, 2x7 Inches and 2x8 Inches.
You can choose to print a single-sided or double-sided bookmark.
How many bookmarks can I order?
You can order a minimum of 5 bookmarks or as many as 10,000 bookmarks.