Revamp Your Living Space With Custom Wall Decors

Custom Wall Decor

Wall Decor is one of the most prime aspects of turning a house into a home. A few additions of personal touch is all it takes to make that transition. Even something as simple as hanging up your favourite tapestry can bring your home a personality.

Whether you are moving to a new home or hiding all the tiny cracks and patches on your old walls with the wall stickers, it takes a lot of thought and research into finding the perfect wall decor products that fit your home and style.

To make it simpler, we have curated a list of Custom Wall Decor Ideas for you to decorate your walls this year.

Wall Photo Frames

What feels more intimate than a splatter of your favourite moments on your white-grey walls? Wall Photo Frames are the oldest yet the most practised wall decor. At Printo you can shop for photo frames by size, frame and material.

From A Matte Finish photo frame to a Coloured photo frame, discover your taste with Printo.

Heart-Shape Collage Photo Frame

Heart Shaped Collage Photo Frame

Are you looking to capture and frame a special day, but can’t decide on that one perfect moment?

Let us make it easy for you. How about a cluster of memories forming the shape of love instead of one single frame? The heart-shaped collage photo frame is suited for photos up to a maximum of 14 photographs.

Frame your love story with this unique collage filled with your best moments.

Spotify Photo Frame

Spotify Photo Frame

To all you music lovers out there, you are in for a treat. Every music enthusiast has that one song that he/she can’t stop jamming to.

With the new Spotify photo frame, customize your favourite photograph with that perfect song or wordings.

Scan the barcode and be your own rockstar!

Canvas Photo Frames

Canvas Gallery Wrap

A Canvas Gallery Wrap is a perfect wall décor for your home if you are looking for something simple yet elegant. Reserve this personalized wall decor to frame a moment of your life that stands out the most.

This lightweight textured Canvas mounted on a wooden frame can enlighten the look and feel of your room.

Split Canvas

Similar to the Canvas Gallery Wrap, a split canvas frame is the perfect blend of a sturdy wooden frame of 1.5-inch thickness with a canvas print. The glossy coating on the canvas keeps your print from dusting! Split your single masterpiece into individual frames creating a unique portrait.

Canvas Posters

Wall Décor products do not always demand something extravagant or swanky. Sometimes all you need is simple yet colourful art to fill your study!

Canvas Posters by Printo represents just that! Create your wall of fame or even a wall of memories with the canvas prints. These simple wall stickers are no-mess and no-fuss. They are perfect for an artistic look.

Canvas posters are available in multiple sizes and in portrait and landscape form.

Wall Calendars

A home is incomplete without a calendar hanging in the living room. If a photo frame brings personality to the house, a calendar ensures punctuality!

In today’s times, a calendar is essential to keep track of our fast-paced lifestyles.

So why not make the best of it?

Whether you want to frame your kid’s first drawings, one for each month, or fill it with family milestones. Print and decorate your wall with personalized calendars!

Framed Certificates

A wall does not always have to be a wall decoration item, but it can also be a pat on your back! Make your living space a reflection of your efforts by framing all your achievements.

Ultimately, it is your home. Swarm your walls with as many wall decors products as you want, or even as little! Your home, your rules!

Manusri Changal

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