Home Decor

Refresh your space. Put your favorite photos in a frame or canvas and turn your space into a work of art!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity?
You can order anywhere from between 1-1000. You can either pick from your nearest store or can get it delivered to your home.
What is the delivery time for wooden engraved photo frame?
Wooden engraved photo frames takes more time as compared to
personalized photo frames
.This is a long process and it usually takes 6-8 days to deliver the same.
Is split canvas still in trend?

customized split canvases
are still in trend as comapred to normal customized photo frames. Split canvas covers more area as comapred to the usual one and gives makes your wall more attractive
Will we get a clear photo on the mousepad?
We always need the original size pf the image which helps us to give the best results. Whether you want to a personalized mug or a
, we will always need the original image and not the compressed one.
Does rubbing the mouse over the custom mousepad effects the image?
As we all know with time the quality of every type of products decreases. In custom mousepads we hover the mouse again and again an because of which after sometime there is a chance of image getting fade away.
Wall decal hamper the wall in anyway?
If wall decals are removed in a harsh way than their is a possibility of your wall getting hampered.