Wall Designs & Decors

Refresh your space. Put your favorite photos in a frame or canvas and turn your space into a work of art!

Exquisite Custom Printed Wall Decor Products

Do you want to prep your walls with beautiful images and prints but unsure where to start? Here are a few pointers on how you can do it. Consider posters, photo frames and canvases of course- the perfect way to capture and showcase your beloved memories. These would bring style points to your home as well.

The Ideal Spot

Deciding on a display wall needs time. Think of a wall where your pictures would stand out the most, looking elegant in the process. You can even use a pretty neat cheat code, where you can use a photo frame to cover-up cracks or patches on a wall. Or you might plan to decorate a specially painted wall just for your memories. You can even take inspiration from social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram. You'll find a load of smart and attractive ideas there.

Channel Your Inner Designer

Your home, your wall, your rules. So, spend some time to decide on the look and satisfaction which you're after. Hang as many or as few images as you want. Don't forget to choose the perfect images as well. Choosing the wall and the orientation is not enough. Do a test run as well. Before starting to hang your images, imagine the frames and canvases with your memories on your wall. Use adhesive patches to do some dummy runs. You can modify your ideas and placements a bit according to them. While preparing to affix your images to the wall, please don't get sloppy and get alignments or measurements wrong. Don't consider decorating your wall as a mere task. It's not easy to rectify the mistakes once they're made. We recommend you to use measuring tapes, a spirit level, a pencil and a masking tape to guide you through the crafty process. Once you're done affixing your beautiful premium frames and canvases, take a few steps back and simply admire your hard work. (After the process of dusting and cleaning though)