Creative Poster Design Guide 101 | Keep Calm And Turn Heads

What Are Posters?

Poster advertising has to be one of the oldest methods of marketing. And rightfully so, sometimes a short catchphrase is all you need to turn the heads around. A poster is also one of the most effective ways to get your point across. May it be about the season’s biggest sale or raising awareness on Swachh Bharath. If done right a creative poster design can help get across an entire ideology with minimum effort.

Poster Categories

A creative poster design can be anything from an informative billboard on a flyover to a boy band poster on a teenager’s ‘My Poster Wall’. There is no one type or way to create a poster design.

Here are some of the posters that you and I come across on a daily basis:

  • Awareness Posters
  • Billboards and Hoardings
  • Campaign Posters
  • Corporate Posters
  • Commercial Posters
  • Educational Posters
  • Motivational Posters

The Goal Behind Your Poster Design

Before you put your heads together and start with your creative poster design, it is important to ask yourself the goal behind it.

Try to recollect, how many posters can you think of at the top of your head?  Only a handful? Not even so. Why do you think that is? That handful stuck with you because it represented something uniquely creative, something that grabbed your attention right away.

Whether it is to promote your product or motivate your peers, the ultimate motive behind any poster is to grab attention, to reach and widen its target audience.

Therefore, the means to a good poster design lies in a short, crisp and clear message with a dash of creative design to it.

How Can I Make A Good Creative Poster Design?

Here are a few tricks and tips to creating a fine creative poster design.

  • Using catchphrases on posters is an age-old trick. A perfect catchphrase related to your product or promotion can grab the attention of any passerby.
  • Say Less, Show More – Design a Poster with an eye-catching background image. Pairing up your tagline with a striking visual will act as an added advantage. But the trick is to keep the phrase short. Remember the longer it takes to read, the lesser it will be read.
  • Let it stand out – Don’t hesitate to design a poster using a bold colour palette. Choosing the perfect colour combination can make your poster stand out from the rest.
  • Design a Poster with a big font – Remember that a poster only gets a glance from the passersby. Therefore the information conveyed by it should be visible from afar.
  • Design a Poster that works on a larger scale. Consider creating different versions of the poster, making it accessible to more than one platform, be it online or offline.

Pick The Right Material For Your Poster

Picking the right material for your poster is as important as creating the perfect design. Considering the location of your poster, you can choose your right fit from an exclusive range of poster materials at From Photo Paper Posters to Canvas Posters, print your Poster Design Online.

The perfect design demands the right material.

Choose from:

Print Your Poster Design Online

Printing your posters online has never been easier before. With Printo you can design and print your poster design online in just a few steps. Printo offers sizes ranging from A0 (33.1 x 46.8 in) to A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in). Find the right size suitable for your poster, create or upload your design and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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