Design and Buy Custom Photo Calendar Online 2022

Custom Photo Calendar

Calendars are one of the simplest yet most beneficial tools in making your day so much more effective and organized. With Printo, you can make your calendar both fun and practical!

Customize the calendar to your liking not just with photos but anything you prefer! Whether you like to wake up to an inspiring quote of the month, pictures from your favourite band or some of your best artwork, frame it all in your printable calendar 2022!

In today’s blog post, we will introduce you to our array of calendars and show how you can self-design your Personalized Calendar 2022 in just a few clicks.

Below is a list of types of Photo Calendars that you can select from!

Pick Your Preference

Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar

A personalized desktop photo calendar is perfect to place on your desk at your office or even your home. Spark up your year by customizing your work table! They say a fun work table or workplace calls for more productivity!

The paper type is available in Glossy, textured, silver, and eco-friendly kraft paper.

With this Printable Calendar 2022 standing on your desk, you can never miss another deadline or even an anniversary.

Frame Calendars

Frame Calendar

Frame Calendars are perfect for corporate gifting. They contain 7 back-to-back printed papers, framed with a laminated hard fusion black frame with a stand.

Frame Calendars are available in 3 different sizes. Choose the paper type from a range of Standard to Premium Papers to print the Photo Calendar.

Custom Calendars with your company’s logo will make for the perfect way to encourage your employees this year.

Mini Wooden Calendar

Mini Wooden Stand Calendar

This mini wooden custom calendar comprises a stack of mini cards perched on a wooden stand set.

Calendars always make for great new year gifts! And a customized photo calendar would hands-down make for the best one. This year gift your loved ones a Photo calendar personalized with their favourite pictures or quotes on this royal wooden stand set!

Wall Calendar

Wall Calendar

Wall Calendars make for the perfect Wall Décor for your house. This year adorn your house with this customized A3 Photo calendar instead of a generic one!

This calendar type allows you to apply both photos and graphic designs. Just a heads up, a full-colour print on the premium paper brings out the best for this range!

Design Your Personalized Photo Calendar 2022 

Now that you are familiar with our exclusive collection of calendars, we will guide you to make a Personalized Calendar with our online printing services in just 5 Simple Steps –

  1. Visit here to select the perfect pick for your workspace from the above-mentioned calendar types.
  2. Depending on the pick of your calendar, choose the paper type from the list of drop-down options ranging from glossy to matte finish paper.
  3. Now that we have got the technicalities ticked off, it’s time to finally design your product! Click on “Design your product” to start designing online, or browse from the various ready-to-go templates.
  4. Printo gives you an option to either upload the pictures to be displayed on your calendar or you can create a design from scratch using our design tool. Apply your design to every month of the year including the cover page of the calendar.
  5. Save your design and proceed to checkout. Recheck and verify if your handiwork is perfect to the core before placing your order.

 Voila! You have the personalized calendar 2022, built from scratch, at your doorstep in record time!

Manusri Changal

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