Building A Successful Brand – Manish Sharma’s Webinar on InstaMojo

Building A Successful Brand

Bangalore, India – January 25, 2022

Learn all about the advantages of effective packaging from the man himself!

Catch Manish Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Printo live on Instamojo, as he shares notable insights on using Effective Packaging for DTC Brands and a peek at his proven practices to help a brand grow.

The Focus Of The Event

  • The value of customer service
  • Packaging as a strategy to increase the brand recall value
  • Tried & tested methods of building an e-commerce brand
  • Customization as a DTC brand’s superpower

The importance of brand experience and its vital role in the growth of DTC brands.

What Kind Of Packaging To Use For Your DTC Brand?

Make an educated and informed decision on the theme of your packaging. Depending upon the brand product, whether it is clothing, art or cosmetic, use the bold patterns and designs where you need to but also don’t hesitate to go utterly simple when and where it is called for.

Things To Consider When Choosing Packaging Material

It is important to find the right balance between the company’s budget and the requirement choices made on the packaging material. A compromise on the quality of the material over its veneer. Let your creative juices flow and make the best of what you got without compromising its integrity.

Handling Fragile Items

While we can argue on the brand recall value and consumer emotional engagement as the vital points of fine and effective packaging, the ultimate goal is to deliver the product with utmost care and in the best condition. And extra care and effort are needed when the item is particularly fragile.

Personalizing Packaging To Build Brand Reputation

A personalized package is not only beneficial in brand identity but also in delivering a great user experience.

A few practices to build a brand reputation by adding a personal element to it–

Highlights Of The Event

  • Budget allocations for packaging
  • Packaging as a means of building your brand
  • Case studies of how some popular DTC brands are using packaging
  • Sustainability and ethics in packaging
  • Quick tips on growing your brand’s recall value


If you have missed the live session and want to know in detail about the topics discussed, check out the entire session on Instamojo’s YouTube or Facebook page.

Find the below link on respective platforms –

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