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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custom Packaging?
Custom Packaging involves printing on a base material such as paper, plastic, fabric, paperboard, etc. and then converting the material into the required packaging product which is like a bag or box. You can get custom packing tapes, customs bags,
Custom Sticker Printing
and much more from Printo.
What are the minimum quantities for custom printed packaging?
You can choose a quantity between 30 - 10000 for instant ordering. For bulk orders, you will be assisted by our Sales Team. You can order bulk quantities for anything. From
custom carton box
Does the material affect how my design will look?
Absolutely—a material’s texture and the printing process used will always affect the end product. Whether you want a
custom paper bag
or custom labels, we will give you best results.
Can you create other marketing materials to work with my packaging?
Everything related to your business we can create for you. Custom banners,
custom standees,
brochures, stickers name anything and we will print it for you. We’ll help you build a strong and successful brand by customizing and printing all your marketing products.
What makes ordering custom packaging from Printo different from other packaging companies?
At Printo, we don't just provide custom packaging to our customers, we provide valuable consulting and design services. We offer innovative packaging solutions to our customers that help them improve their branding.
Can I email you my artwork?
Yes, You can send through the email or the URL to our large file FTP site.
What if I don’t have a logo/artwork yet?
Printo can
create a logo
for you to use on your custom packaging and all your marketing materials.
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