Sunflower Frames

Sunflower Frames

Photo frames bring your loved ones closer, no matter how far you are from them!
  • Print Material: 250 gsm free life raster(Premium paper) and 3M Vinyl media
  • Mounting: Comes with a strong table standing option.
  • Frame Style: Plain Black & Crackle Black
  • Frame Material: Lightweight Synthetic frame.
  • Please upload a maximum of 4 photos uploading the file.
  • You can also share the details on Whatsapp along with the Job id after placing the order.
  • Our team can help you to design.
Frame Size : A4, 12 x 18 in & 12 x 12 in
Sunflower Sizes

Frame Sizes

The size information is of utmost importance because it allows you to order the appropriate size. 12 x 18 in & 12 x 12 inches have wall mounting options. And also have A4 desktop & Wall hanging You can create amazing masterpieces with any of these sizes for your artwork or photos. It's always easy to find the right size with Printo.
Sunflower Frame Styles

Frame Styles

The purpose of a picture frame is to protect and decorate the picture. The frame style you choose for your photo really matters, doesn't it? Put an end to your worries. You will find Plain Black frames at printo, which are very sturdy and durable. A variety of frames are available, including Plain black, Plain brown, Goldline brown, Maze brown, and Stripes brown. They are very appealing due to their classy and elegant appearance. While plain black and plain brown enhance the appearance of your photos, goldline brown gives them a vintage feel. Finally, Maze brown and stripes brown have mesmerizing looks and textures.
Sunflower Components

Frame Components

It is equally important to learn about a frame as to learn about its print materials. The frame is made of synthetic material. Your photos are protected from dust and scratches by an acrylic layer. MDF wood is used for the base. A desktop stand and clamps for wall mounting are provided. Images are even more beautiful when they are framed!
Sunflower Print Materials

Print Materials

The materials used for printing are 250 gsm free life raster(Premium paper) materials are highly durable. Your photos or artwork will look amazing with either of these materials. Imagine adding a touch of elegance to your photo, don't you think it will look so good?