Customized T-Shirts

Design a unisex round-neck casual t-shirt for you or your friends
  • Unisex made of high-quality 180 GSM pure cotton
  • Polo made of 200 & 260 GSM poly cotton
  • Choose from Print-and-cut and DTG printing and Embroidery
  • Multi colour printing - no restrictions on design
Size available : S,M,L,XL,XXL
T-Shirt Styles

T-Shirt Styles

Round Neck T-Shirts
: We provide a unisex round neck that is fashionable and cosy to wear- Suitable for modern men and women.

Collar Neck T-Shirts
: People who love a substantial yet comfortable feel will appreciate the ribbed collar neck t-shirts.

V-Neck Half Sleeve T-Shirts
: The greatest option for promoting your brand or business is this promotional polycotton t-shirt from Printo.

V-Neck Full Sleeve T-Shirts
: The V-neck Full sleeve t-shirt are perfect for the young and smart person.
T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Printing Techniques

  • Direct-to-garment printing is known as DTG. The method achieves exactly what it says on the t-shirt: dedicated printer prints a thin ink directly onto the fabric.
  • Screen Printing: One of the best t-shirt printing techniques available, screen printing allows you a great deal of artistic freedom.
  • Print and Cut method: Print your design onto vinyl and then use a heat press to seal the vinyl onto the shirt
  • Embroidery: This is a printing technique where there isn't any actual printing done in the conventional sense. In the embroidery technique, a sewing machine sews the design into the fabric.
T-Shirt Fabrics

T-Shirt Fabrics

  • Unisex round neck that looks sleek and comfortable while wearing. It's pure 100% cotton with 180gsm.
  • Poly cotton with 180gsm which looks sleek and comfortable while wearing with half sleeves.
  • Round neck polyester with 140gsm which looks sleek and comfortable while wearing with half sleeves.
  • V-neck poly cotton with 180gsm which looks sleek and comfortable while wearing with half sleeves.
  • Providing 240 gsm Poly Cotton, 260 gsm Poly Cotton half sleeve. Polyester with a 140gsm dry fit which looks sleek and comfortable while wearing.
T-Shirt Print Locations

Printing Locations

We offer printing on the front and the back, Left sleeve, and Right sleeve locations of the t-shirts. Your design could be re-sized as per the print legibility and can be printed A3 | A4 | A5 | 3 x 3 | 3 x 2.5- inch prints can be made with front and back printing.
T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Chart

We know the fit preference of our clients than anyone else. To fit your style and comfort, we offer t-shirts of 5 different sizes starting from 38-46 inches chestwise and 26-30 inches lengthwise as S,M,L,XL and XXL t-shirts