Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For 2021

Another Valentine’s season is upon us, sadly the second one in the COVID era. With meet-ups and date nights still being risky, it’s time to get the most creative on your Valentine’s day gift ideas now more than ever. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Boyfriend

List of Best Gifts For Your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Sure, men are masculine, but they love gifts as much as women. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here’s a list of trendy gift ideas for this year’s Valentine’s day.

We believe the best gifts are those which have a personal touch to them. You can now personalize hundreds of gift items many of which could make the perfect Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. 

Be your man’s personal stylist with a customized T-shirt or a hoodie. Make him smile before his morning coffee every day with a personalized mug. Or even create an attractive poster for his bedroom wall. 

You know his likes and dislikes best. Let your creativity run wild!

Custom Tee- Valentine's day gift
A Custom T-shirt from Printo

Quirky and Lovable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Men appreciate gifts which they can use in their daily lives. You can never go wrong with those. Here’s a handy tip: These could make great last-minute gifts as well. So you can say that they’re life-savers. 😉

A bottle of cologne can be a classy gift for your man. Another “bottle” that can make him happy is a designer or custom water bottle or a flask. You can even buy him a pair of sneakers as well: you know how much guys love their sneakers. 

The list doesn’t end there. You can even buy smartphone covers, watches, sunglasses, headphones. There are many more where those came from.

Mobile cases from Printo
Mobile cases from Printo

Cute Things to Get Your Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day: According to The Length of Your Relationship

This is a gifting guide for all those time-sensitive couples out there. You don’t want to be gifting something that might scare your boyfriend away now, do you?

Relationships under 3 months: The universal and the cutest gifts which you can give him are chocolates! Nothing better to make a sweet relationship even sweeter.

3 months to 6 months: Show how much you care about him by gifting gadgets like storage devices. smart bands, wireless chargers and so on.

6 months to 1 year: Make sure your man’s daily routine has a pleasant start with a coffee maker.

Over 1 year: Give a subtle complement to your man’s looks by gifting him a brand new grooming kit.

Your Boyfriend Will Love These Special Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Want to kick your valentine gifts to the next level? Gift him a nice bottle of his favourite liqueur that he always admires. A bottle of his favourite drink as a gift on special occasions is always special.

With alcohol sorted, you can even give him a bar essential set for his own home. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Girlfriend

List of Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Gifts with a personal touch can never backfire. You can now easily customize any gift online and get it delivered anywhere.

Gift her a range of personalized items like a customized set of “couple tees or hoodies” for both of you, a cute mug with a love note inscribed, a photo frame or a set of frames with all your cherished memories. 

You can even mix and match on a whole lot of personalized gifts to create a crafty gift hamper.

Photo frames: Valentine's day gift
Photo frames from Printo

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts to Celebrate A New Relationship

Is this going to be the first Valentine’s day with your girlfriend? There’s no need for you to break a sweat in choosing a gift. We’ve got you covered.

Soft toys are some of the cutest Valentine’s gifts out there. If your girlfriend is a dog lover, gift her a stuffed pooch and watch her go head over heels for it. 

Another cute and special idea to show your love is through cosmetics. Take her cosmetics shopping and engage in the excitement with her. 

Reversible Octopus Soft toy
Reversible Octopus Soft toy
Source: Flipkart

Some Out-of-The-Box Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Want to do something different this Valentine’s day? Here’s a short list of quirky gifts which you can give your girlfriend on the big day.

Customized puzzles. You can add pictures of your most treasured memories and make a puzzle out of it. They can be anything from a jigsaw puzzle to even a magnetic one.

Crystal gifts and keychains are well-crafted and a masterpiece to look at. A customized one for your valentine will always be special.

Magnetic Puzzle- Valentine's day gift
A Magnetic Puzzle from Printo

Your Girlfriend Will Love These Special Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Make her Valentine’s day extremely special with this unique gifting idea which we have planned for you:

Gifting your girlfriend a piece of jewellery shows how special she is to you and how much you value her. We don’t want to give any “wild” ideas, but if you’re planning on proposing to her, Valentine’s day could be perfect to do so with a stunning ring. 😛

If proposing is out of the question right now, couple your gift with a classic hand-written love letter. With the rise of the digital age, she’ll truly appreciate your efforts in bringing old-school romance back. 

The final touch: A nice bouquet of her favourite flowers to complete the perfect Valentine’s day gift. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Husband

Personalized Valentines Gifts For Husband

Show your husband some love with personalized gifts curated to his interests. 

Design a coffee mug as a gift. What’s even better than a coffee mug? A beer mug, of course! 😉

You can even gift him a personalized organizer or diary so that he doesn’t miss out on any important tasks or dates.

Photo frames are an all-time favourite when it comes to Valentine’s gifts

Organizers for husband- Valentine's day gift
Diaries from Printo

Uber-Cool Gifts For Your Husband on Valentine’s Day

Here are some really great ideas for Valentine’s day gift. Not only are they premium products, but they can easily be available at the very last minute as well!

A nice and neat set of ties which go with multiple formal wear and suits can turn into a dashing gift for your man. 

An ergonomic wallet to make sure that your husband has all the space for his money, cards, and pictures of you.

Take some time to pick out a wall clock for home as a gift or a desk clock for his work desk.

Pen and wallet- Valentine's day gift
Pen and wallet gift set from Printo

Married Indian Men Love These Gifts A Lot on Valentine’s Day

If your husband is a guy who loves to look “trendy”, then these gift ideas would be perfect for him.

Shop a classy sweatshirt that looks good and is incredibly comfy. 

An uber-cool leather/bomber jacket could make a great apparel gift as well.

Go the extra mile and research about the perfect watch that you’re sure that your husband will love. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Wife

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Better Half

Valentine’s day calls for a little bit of romance. And we’ve got the perfect set of gifts which you can give to your lovely wife.

Bedazzle her world with a jewellery set coupled with maybe a stunning dress/ sari.

Never look away from the queen of edible gifts: Chocolate!

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you are sure to grab some great offers on ladies’ handbags.

Aren’t we all a bit childish? Showcase your relationship’s cute moments with soft toys.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Heart Pop Bar
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Heart Pop Bar
Source: Cadbury

Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Thinking of Valentine’s gifts for your man which are out of the ordinary? You will have to really peek into his interests to get the best one yet.

Do you love your occasional dates to get a drink? Then trust us when we say that a set of high-quality beer mugs are going to do the trick. You can even purchase a bar essential set as well. You wouldn’t need to go out for a cocktail anymore. 😉

If your boyfriend is someone who goes gaga for gaming, you can buy extra controllers to suit his home console. You can even go the extra mile, research about the best new games out there, and buy a game or two for him.


A true valentine’s gift only matters when you give your time, effort, and attention to your partner. As great as these ideas are, the best ones among these are to be decided by you depending on the likes and dislikes of your significant other.

If you’re looking for personalized gifts like photo gifts, apparel, wall decor, cards, or electronics, shop and get them quickly delivered to your doorstep from You can even get your gifts from any one of their many retail stores all across India.

Still here? What are you waiting for? Valentine’s day is only a few days away!



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