Tips To Design Custom Product Packaging Label

Product Packaging Labels

What is the significance of a Product Packaging Label?

Have you ever come to notice how one brand product feels more vibrant than the other?

Or how do the customers make that split-second decision to choose one brand over another, although both of them are basically selling the same product?

Important as the product itself is, the right packaging and labelling will help it steal the spotlight and stand out from the rest.

Aside from the obvious, there are a few things we tend to overlook when it comes to picking the right packaging label for your product.

Here are some simple yet effective tips and tricks to design unique packaging and labelling for your products.

Product First, Label Next

Before jumping into the Packaging Label Stickers, let’s decide on the product first. Though Packaging Labels sound generic, they come in different varieties. It becomes important to consider the product you are promoting before choosing the appropriate label for it.

These Product Labels are available in different forms, from Roll Labels to Clear Labels to Sheet and White labels.  Pick what suits your product the best.

The Right Material For Product Packaging Label

Once you have decided on the type of product label you are looking for, survey the perfect material for the label.

Paper Label – A Paper Label is a cost-effective way to make your label colourful and bright. It is a great pick for food packaging.

White Premium – A white premium label is a high-quality label mainly for outdoor products. The glossy finish will make the colours pop, making the product stand out.

Clear Premium – A Clear Premium label is a transparent label giving your product a simple and minimalistic look.

Shop By Shape & Size

Along with the material of the packaging label sticker, it is important to decide what shape and size suit your product best.

Are you going for the rudimentary style formatted square or round label stickers, or do you want your labels to say more than just words?

Design a custom label to go with the shape of your product package and find a unique way to show what your product represents.

A custom label in the shape of your brand logo or even the product itself can be a simple yet effective trick.

Face Value Of The Brand Labels

Product Packaging and Labelling is the face of your brand. It is the first thing the customers see or read about your product. Therefore, it is important that it represents the style of your brand and its products.

Highlighting your brand logo and name is the key to leaving an imprint on your customers.

Consistency is key. Finding a unique brand label and sticking with it for all your products will help gain quicker recognition among the customers.

Design a template that complements each of these components with one another, all the while making it look uncrowded.

Design And Technicalities

Product Presentation stands vital for good marketing. While keeping an eye out for the latest eye-catching trends and designs, it is also important to make sure the product label reflects the character of your business.

If you are a budding new brand, unique patterns and graphics with vibrant colours are the way to go! This will help customers recognize and remember the brand and all its products.

Size up the Brand Name and logo so they are legible.

While bold colours and images make for a good brand label, sometimes a product-specific label demands something mellow. Transparent labels give an illusion of a no-label look with a clear fine print, perfect for a transparent bottle to flaunt its contents.

With these little tricks and tips, go crazy designing your brand new product labels and grab all eyes to your shelves.

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