Take The Next Step In Fashion With Custom T-Shirt Printing!

Custom T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirts can be a personal statement. Express yourself in a custom T-Shirt. Design your own T-Shirt & set the fashion meters soaring.

Now that we have established that Custom Printed T-Shirts are uber cool, you must be wondering where you can design your own T-Shirt, get it printed & shipped. We have all the answers, just read on.

Where Can I Buy Custom T-Shirts Online In India?

Print your Custom T-shirts by designing your own T-shirts online at Printo.in. No Minimum Quantity. T-shirt printing options are available in hundreds of styles and colours. Buy Custom Name, Photo or Logo Printed T-shirts Online. Shipping all over India.

Why Custom T-Shirts Are Cool?

There’s always a special feeling when you touch your creative side and craft something for yourself or your loved ones. Imagine the proud feeling you’ll get when you wear your designs! We make that possible with our range of T-shirts designed by you.

Can I Get Personalized T-shirts?

Our exciting range of custom t-shirts includes Unisex round-neck tees, which are perfect casual t-shirts, Bulk round-neck tees, which are attractive if you’re in a band, a team or even plan an outing with your colleagues. You can even customize a range of Polo t-shirts as well, and choose from classic, regular or premium polos. You can learn a lot more about them on the respective product pages.

Do Personalized T-shirts Make Good Corporate Gifts?

Yes. A personalised T-Shirt is a great corporate gift. You can also use them as a welcome gift to new employees. Branded with your corporate logo or brand communication, they make excellent marketing tools at a very low cost.

What Are The Styles Of T-Shirts Available At Printo?

Round Neck T-Shirts – Printed with rich colours. Available in 3 print types.

Available Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL

Regular Cotton T-Shirt
Regular Cotton T-Shirts
Economy Polyester T-Shirt
Economy Polyester T-Shirts
Dry Fit T-Shirt
Dry Fit T-Shirts

Polo T-Shirts – Available in 3 material types

Available Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL

Economy Polo T-Shirt
Economy Polo T-Shirts
Premium Polo T-Shirt
Premium Polo T-Shirts
Embroidered Polo T-Shirt
Embroidered Polo T-Shirts

Sweatshirts / Personalized Zipper Hoodies – Best quality print on premium 300 GSM cotton.

Sweatshirts & Zipper Hoodies
Sweatshirts & Zipper Hoodies

Printo’s Print Quality

We, at Printo, give priority to the perfect printing types for all our products, and apparel isn’t an exception. We always ensure printing using the best-in-class machinery for every t-shirt that leaves our warehouse. All printing equipment and t-shirt materials are checked and maintained regularly. 

A Guide To Various Printing Types:

DTG or Digital Printing

The working of this printing technique is in the name – it prints the design directly on the garment – a lot like an inkjet printer. It’s one of the most popular methods of garment printing. With this printing method, you can print just about anything with tremendous accuracy in colour and design. It’s easy to achieve high levels of design detail and resolution with this method of printing.

Print-and-Cut Method of Printing

The popular number 10 on the jerseys of Sachin Tendulkar and Lionel Messi come from a type of transfer printing method, named print-and-cut where vinyl is put onto a piece of fabric using a heat press. Computer-aided design is often used to precision cut the vinyl as per the customer’s design specifications. With print-and-cut printing, it’s possible to transfer designs to almost any part of the t-shirt including on the sleeves. 

Screen Printing

This method of printing is over a millennia-old but was first used on t-shirts in 1959. The concept is simple – every design has a set number of basic colours used in them. These colours would be separated and based on the design, different proportions of these colours would be allowed onto the fabric with the use of a mesh-like screen; hence the name. It’s one of the most inexpensive types of printing considering the only significant expense is for the ink. Hence, if you have a bulk t-shirt order, this is the type of printing you should go for.


This is a printing technique where there isn’t any actual printing done in the conventional sense. In the embroidery technique, a sewing machine sews the design into the fabric. Almost every polo t-shirt uses this method to print designs. We can see embroidery popularly on corporate workwear. With embroidery, the custom design becomes a part of the t-shirt fabric itself and hence is as long-lasting as the t-shirt. Moreover, nothing looks as great as a design embroidered onto a cloth. It’s professional and looks very elegant.

Delivery & Pickup

  • Express Delivery 4 Hours At Select Locations
  • Door Delivery
  • Store Pickup: Pickup is available at 35 stores across 6 cities

Partying! Working Out. Just Chilling…

Whatever you do, With Printo’s New Range Of Personalised T-Shirts, You Will Be


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