Ideas To Design Creative Photo Magnets

Fridge Photo Magnets

Personalized Fridge Magnets are a household keepsake. And might as well, as they are all but snippets of moments. You can find them displaying scribbled grocery or to-do lists, or kids drawings.

When your magnet holds the personal details of your day-to-day life, why should the magnet in itself remain impersonal? Add a personal collage to your fridge, cupboard, or kitchen space, with these easy yet affordable photo magnets.

Printo helps bring these fun ideas to life by adding a creative edge to your personalized photo magnets. 

Desk Magnets

Similar to us, is your workplace usually buried with a mountain of work papers? Lists with your daily to-do’s, sticky notes, scheduled meetings, and deadlines sum up to one cluttered mess?

Here’s a simple yet personalised trick that organises and looks cool – Premium Acrylic Photo Magnets.

While you’re at it, add a personal touch to your workspace, irrespective of whether you are working from home or office!

Canvas Fridge Magnets

Add a twist and a reason to smile at your everyday life with photo fridge magnets.

With these canvas fridge magnets, give an artistic feel to your photographs and turn your ordinary pictures into a work of art.

These picture magnets are also perfect to frame your kid’s best drawings. Display their little masterpieces proudly.

 Souvenir Photo Magnets

A chance to bring home your best memories in the form of these little photo magnets. Let them be a silent reminder of the wonderful moments your every trip held.

Check out the Asymmetric Combo Magnets that come in a range of unique shapes and sizes to print your every adventure!

If not for anything, picture magnets definitely make for the best souvenirs.

Magnetic Collage

Though we are talking about photo magnets, they don’t always have to be a set of photographs.

Create an array of your favourite quotes or even just goofy pictures of your fur babies with a magnetic collage. And with the unique MDF stand option, place it anywhere you need for your daily dose of motivation!

Magnetic Puzzle

There cannot be enough ways to showcase your treasured memories, but there are certainly only a handful of fun ways!

As the name so clearly suggests, these fun one-of-a-kind picture magnets come in a 10×10 inch photo frame size, totalling 16 images, all jumbled!

Go ahead and arrange the magnets, to create your image!

Design and order your custom photo magnets or personalised fridge magnets online today, and enliven your living space!

Manusri Changal

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