9 Sustainable Packaging Products to go 100% Greener

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Are you ready to make a positive impact on the environment while boosting your business? Introducing our eco-friendly packaging solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. At Printo, we’re excited to introduce you to a range of sustainable products that not only align with your business values but also attract eco-conscious customers.

Compostable Stand-Up Paper Pouches: Elevate your packaging game with these versatile paper pouches. Perfect for a variety of products, they’re made from compostable materials that minimize your carbon footprint. From snacks to cosmetics, these pouches provide a convenient and green packaging option.

Standup Ziplock Pouches

Paper Labels: Enhance your branding while prioritizing sustainability. Our paper labels are both visually appealing and eco-friendly, ensuring your products shine while respecting the environment.

Product Labels

Mailer and Shipping Boxes: Deliver your products in style, while using packaging that’s easily recyclable or biodegradable, try our shipping boxes. Your commitment to eco-friendly practices will resonate with environmentally-conscious customers.

Printed Cartons

Wrapping Paper: Add a touch of eco-chic to your products with our environmentally-friendly wrapping paper. Show your customers that you care about their purchases from the inside out.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Pizza Boxes: If you’re in the food business, our eco-friendly pizza boxes are a must-have. They’re designed to keep your pizzas hot and your carbon footprint low.

Custom Pizza Boxes

Kraft Tapes: Seal the deal with our sustainable kraft tapes. These adhesive wonders not only keep your packages secure but also align with your commitment to the planet.

Custom Paper Tapes

Cotton Bags: Offer customers a reusable option for their purchases. Our cotton bags are sturdy, stylish, and a great way to encourage sustainability on the go.

Cotton Bags Printing

Paper Bags: Replace plastic with our biodegradable paper bags. They’re perfect for packaging a wide range of products, from clothing to gifts.

Custom Printed Paper Bags

Packaging Sleeves: Elevate your product presentation with our packaging  sleeves.  They not only protect your items but also showcase your dedication to eco-friendly packaging.

Food Packaging Sleeves


By choosing our range of eco-friendly packaging solutions, you’re not only reducing waste but also appealing to a growing base of conscious consumers. Small and medium-sized businesses like yours can play a significant role in driving positive change.

Join the movement towards sustainability with your brand. Let’s make your business greener and more appealing to eco-conscious customers.


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