Unisex Round Neck Eco T-shirt

A classic round-neck T-shirt from printo for modern men and women.
  • We offer a unisex round neck that looks sleek and comfortable while wearing. It’s 180gsm Eco-polycotton.
  • We use DTG, Print and Cut multicolour printing and Screen printing which gives a solid colour and accurate design pattern which cannot be faded easily.
  • We proffer professional colours of White, Black.
Size available : S,M,L,XL,XXL
Fabric Colours

Fabric Colours

Round Neck Half Sleeve T-shirts is ideal for Men and Women. These T-shirts are a good option for those with fuller facial types and help you tone your body. We have White and Black colours.
Printing Techniques

Printing Techniques

  • DTG method: Direct-to-garment printing is known as DTG.The method achieves exactly what it says on the t-shirt: dedicated printer prints a thin ink directly onto the fabric.
  • Print and Cut method: Print your design onto vinyl and then use a heat press to seal the vinyl onto the shirt. You will get decent quality of your design and can use a complex image such as a photo if you want.
  • Screen Printing: One of the best t-shirt printing techniques available, screen printing allows you a great deal of artistic freedom. It's also one of the world's earliest printing techniques! To screen print, you make a negative on a screen of the desired design.
Material Type

Material Type

We offer unisex Round neck poly cotton with 180gsm which looks sleek and comfortable while wearing with half sleeves.It is of poly-cotton material. It truly doesn't need to be orones because of how wrinkle-free poly cotton is. The fabric is ideal for all-day comfort due to the lightweight and breathable qualities of the blended cotton.
Print Locations

Print Locations

The t-shirts could be printed with any designs which is provided from the client's end. Both front and back side of the t-shirts could be printed. Front side printing could be done for the following print dimensions- 3x3 inches, A5,A4 and A3 and back printing could be done for A5, A4 and A3 dimensions.
T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Chart

We know the fit preference of our clients than anyone else. To fit your style and comfort, we offer t-shirts of 5 different sizes starting from 38-46 inches chestwise and 26-30 inches lengthwise as S,M,L,XL and XXL t-shirts
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