Unisex Round Neck Cotton T-shirt

A classic round-neck T-shirt from printo for a modern men and woman.
  • We offer a unisex round neck that looks sleek and comfortable while wearing. It’s pure 100% cotton with 180gsm.
  • We use DTG multicolour printing which gives a solid colour and accurate design pattern which cannot be faded easily.
  • We proffer professional colours of white, Black, Grey Melange, Royal blue, Navy blue.
Size available : S,M,L,XL,XXL

Fabric Colours

Royal Blue
Grey Melange
Navy Blue

Print Locations

Front 4x4 in
Front 12x6 in
Front 12x12 in
Back 12x12 in
Printing Techniques

Printing Techniques

  • DTG method: Direct-to-garment printing is known as DTG.The method achieves exactly what it says on the t-shirt: dedicated printer prints a thin ink directly onto the fabric.
  • Print and Cut method: Print your design onto vinyl and then use a heat press to seal the vinyl onto the shirt. You will get decent quality of your design and can use a complex image such as a photo if you want.Additionally, it makes the cloth feel stiffer on top, which might not be pleasant, and only white or light-colored shirts will display the designs
  • Screen Printing: One of the best t-shirt printing techniques available, screen printing allows you a great deal of artistic freedom. It's also one of the world's earliest printing techniques! To screen print, you make a negative on a screen of the desired design.
T-Shirt Material

T-Shirt Material

Cotton is one of the most often used T-shirt materials since it is tried and reliable, and for good reason. Almost any type of ink or pattern can be used to print on this plush, pleasant cloth.We provide T-shirts of 180 GSM, 100% cotton material to ease your all day activities
T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Chart

We know the fit preference of our clients than anyone else. To fit your style and comfort, we offer t-shirts of 5 different sizes starting from 38-46 inches chestwise and 26-30 inches lengthwise as S,M,L,XL and XXL t-shirts
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