Men's Premium Polo T-shirt

Ribbed collar neck for a premium look for those who prefer a heavy yet comfortable feel. to be worn as leisurewear, loungewear, and sportswear.
  • Available in multicolour printing also comes with 260 gsm Poly Cotton half sleeve.
  • Can be printed both front and back
  • We proffer professional colour of Black, White, Navy Blue, Grey Melange
Size available : S,M,L,XL,XXL
T-shirt Print Locations

Print Locations

Customization is what Printo known for. We offer both Front and Back printing on the t-shirts. For the front side, we offer 3*3 inches, A5, A4 and A3 print area and for the back side we offer A5, A4 and A3 print area.
Fabric Colours

Fabric Colours

Polo Neck t-shirts are quite costly as compared to round neck t-shirt due to the time taken, material used and complexity involved in knitting the linen. Ideal for the office usage for the professional looks. We offer following colors- White, White Melange, Black, Navy Blue and Grey Melange
Printing Techniques

Printing Techniques

  • This is a printing technique where there isn't any actual printing done in the conventional sense. In the embroidery technique, a sewing machine sews the design into the fabric. Almost every polo t-shirt uses this method to print designs. We can see embroidery popularly on corporate workwear.
  • Direct-to-garment printing is known as DTG. The method achieves exactly what it says on the t-shirt: dedicated printer prints a thin ink directly onto the fabric. The ink soaks into the fabric of the shirt somewhat, meaning that the design feels soft to the touch instead of forming a stiff layer on top of the fabric.
T-Shirt Material

T-Shirt Material

Premium Polo neck t-shirts are 260 GSM poly cotton material. This is the perfect option for those who prefers a thick polo t-shirt. Though the fabric is thick its knit ensures the polo has a great fall and has a soft feel.
T-Shirt Size Chart

Size Chart

We know the fit preference of our clients than anyone else. To fit your style and comfort, we offer t-shirts of 5 different sizes starting from 38-46 inches chestwise and 26-30 inches lengthwise as S,M,L,XL and XXL t-shirts
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