Shipping and Flat Mailer Boxes

Customize tough shipping boxes for your business
Flat Box
  • Choose from Brown or White boxes
  • Brown box made of 180 x 120 x 180 GSM
  • White box made of 250 x 120 x 180 GSM
  • Single-colour Screen Printing on the top lid of the box
  • Available in 5 sizes
Shipping Box
  • Made of box thickness 180 x 120 x 120 GSM
  • Single-colour Screen Printing on single side of the box
  • Choose from Brown boxes
  • Available in 12 sizes
  • Order from 100 boxes

Eco-friendly Kraft Shipping Boxes

When it comes to ship heavy items, retail items, food boxes, etc, corrugated shipping boxes are the perfect choice! Multiple layers provide utmost safety when handling and transporting products. As a durable barrier to moisture, corrugated keeps your products dry when they are transported. In short, shipping boxes increase the safety of products. Corrugated board is one of the maximum satisfactory options to be had due to its lightweight, customizable design. Darker colors are highly recommended for printing your logos, artwork or initials. These boxes are extremely environment - friendly.