Instant Photos

Memories always give us a good feeling from the heart.
  • We have come up with 4 x 6 in | 6 x 8 in
  • Minimum order just 1 pic
Same-Day Delivery for orders placed before 3 pm.
Available Print Sizes

Available Print Sizes

Prints serve as time capsules, serving as a constant reminder of your most memorable experiences. Instant Photo prints are printed in 4 x 6 in | 6 x 8 in and could be printed from just 1 unit. Store pick-up and local delivery services from us could be a added advantage to make your life easier
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Print Material

There is just something about touching a finished print in your hands then viewing your photo on a screen. Bulk Photo prints are done on photo glossy paper The glossy paper provides a shiny effect on photos and has the capability to reflect the light that falls on them.
Same Day Delivery
4 hrs delivery from the time the order is placed (Available at selected locations only)
Store Pickup
Classic Prints can be ordered online or from stores. Pickup is available across 28 stores across 6 cities.
Standard Delivery
Printo offers delivery of the order at your door-step