Personalized Name Plates

These Customized name plates are an elegant solution for easy identification by visitors, especially in an apartment or a mall setting in case you are an smb starting up.
Rich Look: High-quality advanced UV printing technique
Multi Colour Options: Vibrant Colors create a strong first impression
Premium Quality: Imported Acrylics that are long-lasting and scratch proof
Easy Installation: Strong industrial 3M double tape, just peel and mount
Printo Hack: For a better experience using the colour of the acrylics as your background and the nameplate should be contrasting with your wall or door colour

Check Out Some Examples

Apartment Flat
The name plate is a great idea for your visitors to know where they are. Don't leave your visitors confused on where the exit is. With our name plate, they will never forget the way out! An exit area name plate will provide your guests with a lot of information since sometimes they are hard to locate the exit way.
Home Sweet home
A nameplate is not just a board with your name and address written on it, but it is a part of your. Since you own your own home, it's important to mark your presence to everyone. Having a beautiful yet simple oval name plate outside your door will definetely help your guest find their way to you.
An oval name plate, which are elegant yet beautiful, can be a powerful tool for increasing awareness about a company. Name plates are the perfect tool to help a new employee identify their workplace, they also make conversations more efficient by helping a person quickly be more informed on the company they will be working for.
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