Embossed Name Plates

Embossed Name Plates

Customizable name plates made of high-quality materials designed to last for years.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to create a personalized look.
  • Customers can choose the font for their name or text.
  • Crafted using advanced embossing technology to create raised letters or designs on the surface.
  • Embossed letters or text create a three-dimensional effect, making the name or text stand out.
  • Adds an elegant touch to the overall design of the name plate.
  • Ideal for businesses, professionals, and individuals who want to create a professional and personalized look for their workspace.
  • Easy to install on any surface, such as an office door or desk.


Embossed name plates stand out with their raised text or designs, adding a tactile and visually striking dimension to signage and identification solutions. 1. Corporate Offices: Enhance office interiors with personalized embossed acrylic name plates for employee desks, cubicles, and conference rooms, showcasing professionalism and branding. 2. Retail Stores: Use embossed acrylic name plates for product displays, shelf labeling, and pricing information, adding a touch of elegance and organization to retail spaces. 3. Hospitality Industry: Elevate guest experiences in hotels, resorts, and restaurants by using embossed acrylic name plates for room numbers, guest amenities, and directional signage, enhancing the overall ambiance. 4. Educational Institutions: Improve classroom organization and student recognition with embossed acrylic name plates for teacher desks, student lockers, and academic achievements, promoting a structured learning environment. 5. Medical Facilities: Ensure clear identification and organization in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers with embossed acrylic name plates for patient rooms, medical equipment, and administrative areas, aiding staff and visitors.

Check Out Some Examples

Apartment Flat
The name plate is a great idea for your visitors to know where they are. Don't leave your visitors confused on where the exit is. With our name plate, they will never forget the way out! An exit area name plate will provide your guests with a lot of information since sometimes they are hard to locate the exit way.
Home Sweet home
A nameplate is not just a board with your name and address written on it, but it is a part of your. Since you own your own home, it's important to mark your presence to everyone. Having a beautiful yet simple oval name plate outside your door will definetely help your guest find their way to you.
An oval name plate, which are elegant yet beautiful, can be a powerful tool for increasing awareness about a company. Name plates are the perfect tool to help a new employee identify their workplace, they also make conversations more efficient by helping a person quickly be more informed on the company they will be working for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we install the nameplate after it is delivered?
Name plates are delivered with double sided tape. Simply peel the cover and stick on the wall or door.
What process do you use for the lettering on the nameplate?
We cut mirror acrylics and paste it on top of the colored acrylic plate as per the font
Can the nameplate lettering be written in a regional language?
It's your design which gets pasted, we don’t provide this as an additional service
Can the nameplates be used outdoors?
Yes, these are name plates for home but with shades where the plates are not exposed to sunlight and rain
Which name plate can be printed?
The ones below cannot be printed, if you want to print your image or logo please visit the link :
Can I get a sample of your name plates for evaluation?
You can check out relevant samples at our stores which are present in Pan India locations.
Does the acrylic completely resist fingerprints?
Acrylic nameplates are not fingerprint-resistant. However, they can be cleaned with a sponge or soft cloth with a non-citrus soap dish. This won’t remove any colours added
What are the types of name plates possible?
1) Embossed: Base Material will be prominent
2) Debossed: Mirror Acrylic will be prominent
Are there any restrictions on the font size?
An ideal name plate design should maintain the inner to inner font distance of 2.5mm minimum
Is the material scratch Resistant?
It's not completely scratch resistant, but we use imported acrylics which are better scratch resistant than indian Acrylic
Can I request changes to an existing name plate design? Is it possible to request the same?
If the customization simply requires a change in the font/graphic, that can be incorporated. If the customization requires a change in product size/shape/material/colours, then it might not be possible for us to undertake the same order and TAT. You need to approach our sales consultant which takes this request offline as a custom order.
Do you give special discounts on Bulk Orders?
Our pricing is designed to cater Bulk Orders. For exceptional cases, reach out to our sales consultants for a quote.
Can I get it delivered at multiple locations?
Yes, we can help you deliver across multiple locations throughout India