Fabric Sign Board

Are you looking for a new way to make an impact on your customers?
  • The Fabric sign board is made of MS frame fabrication with imported acrylic material. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is also easy to install and remove. The fabric sign board can be used for outdoor usage.
  • 220 gsm Fabric material Built-in LED Tube light with and without lighting for a bright and clear sign - Flexible for easy mounting on any surface.

Check Out Some Examples

Fabric Sign Board

When it comes to projecting your message, sometimes bigger is better. It increases your brand's visibility. Fabric sign boards are very useful in hospitals and health care centers or medicine shops because they help patients navigate the centers. Additionally, these sign boards can be used as wayfinding tools.
Communication with your customers is important through your sign board. In the case of an electronics store, for example, customers will not be able to enter the store if they don't know what it offers. Sign boards are a great way to share your brand's message outside your store, making it easier for customers to choose from what products you offer.
Informing your customers thoroughly with your sign board is the best way to ensure their satisfaction. A sign board can not only be used in a big restaurant, but can also be placed in a small store such as a tea shop. Building customer loyalty will be easier if you use a fun and creative logo in your sign board.

Fabric Glow Sign Board

Sign boards can be found in medical health centers, for example. The best way to identify the right care center for your patients is to display your brand with the highest visibility. A fabric glow sign board is commonly used to display advertisements, promotional signs, and other information on the floor areas of buildings, stores, and shopping malls.
For an electronic shop owner, it is imperative to make a great first impression on potential customers. The impression must convey trust, good quality, and a fair deal. Glancing at your shop board is the first impression a customer has of your shop.
A single glance at your glowing shop board is all it takes for people to step into your stop. By creating a fun sign board and providing information about your brand, you will attract customers. This is a very useful and powerful way to promote your brand in the dark.
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