2000 qty Bulk Flyers

An effective marketing strategy if you get the design right!

The reason for using this material

We offer one kind of paper material considering it's lightweight, easy to distribute feature. The choice will depend on your preferred material thickness and the distribution location of the marketing flyers. - 90gsm Glossy paper (Economy Paper)

Detail about sizes and its purposes

Letter size : The size 8.5x11 in is well understand if i can say its of a company letterhead size or the size of a standard piece of paper used in xerox/photocopy. This size is useful for companies, business enterprises, and local administrations with a lot of information to share. It can be useful for school leaflets for example, and they can easily be folded, put in an envelope and sent by post. Statement size : The statement size 5.8x8.5 in is the standard flyer size used for promotional campaigns and marketing strategies, newspaper insides etc. Flyers of this size are a convenient size for distribution too.

Benefit of this printing process

Offset printing : This process makes it possible to provide larger quantities at very affordable pricing. It is the most cost-effective option when you order for bigger Flyer Quantity. This technique creates images and text with wet ink and transferred to each paper sheet with aluminium and rubber plates.
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