Frame Calendars

Frame Calendars

Elevate your brand presence with our Frame Calendars. Customizable with your company logo,photos and artworks of your choice!
  • Boasts a durable black laminated hard fusion board frame with a stand.
  • Available in 3 different sizes and different paper materials to choose from.
  • Customize with a minimum order of just 1.


Glossy Coated Paper
300 gsm Glossy Coated Paper presents an ultra-smooth to shiny finish.
Freelife Raster paper
250 gsm Freelife Raster paper* (Textured) Presents a great textured finish to the paper. The texture can be felt when touched.
Shimmer Silver
250 gsm shimmer silver (Premium) brings a shiny appearance to the paper which can be really attractive.
Frame Calendars

Choose a Frame Calendar and display all those super-looking selfies, lovely memories, and whatnot!

Frame Calendars: Combine practicality with personalized decor. This unique calendar design features monthly cards that can be easily inserted into an elegant frame. Customize each month with your favorite photos, quotes, or artwork. Stay organized while adding a touch of your own personality to your workspace or home. Upgrade your calendar experience with our Frame Calendars.
Durable Features

Standout Features

Sophisticated Design and Premium Quality - This desktop calendar is crafted for enduring elegance, with a sturdy stand, robust frame, and sleek black finish. Generous print and frame sizes provide ample space for writing in appointments and reminders, while premium paper and a professional production method ensure every month is memorable.

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