Mini Business Card

Is your business updated? start them today, upgrade them by printing your business card in the square shape format.
  • Mini business cards measure 2.7 x 1.1inches
  • Using Ninbo star art paper of 350gsm to have that stiff, and strong finish to increase its durability
Printed Business Cards
Specially sized cards raise the bar with an unforgettable impression. A great choice if you want a minimalistic design, and to provide a sense of brand identity. As they aren't your typical business card, their size makes them a conversation starter. The mini card business card measures 2.7 x 1.1 in. These cards are recommended especially for startups.
Print Material
A mini business card is eye-catching and refreshingly different, and is quickly becoming the way of the future for individuals and businesses alike. A 350 gsm thick coated paper is used for printing. Papers with matte and glossy coatings are both durable and strong. By contrast, matte coated business cards have subtle effects and are non-reflective.Business cards with glossy coatings pop out, whereas business cards with matte coatings do not reflect light. There is a smooth feel to both coated papers.